No-header for ion-side-menu not working on ios 9

Hi there,

I am using the following:

 <ion-side-menu side="left">

    <ion-content class="no-header">

This prevents the header from bing shown in the side menu when testing in the browser but it does not work when I run on the device. An empty header bar is shown.

By the way, when I don’t have the ‘no-header’ class at all, the side menu will sometimes display a header. The first time the app loads there is no header, but if the user logs out and logs in again the empty header bar is show.

Any pointers on this greatly appreciated.

Hi did you manage to solve this issue? I have similar problem with no-header tag running differently in simulators.

for me no-header class is not working in ion-content for ios

Add the following to your controller for that side meu