No DOM buffering in Slide Box (the pain of using angular-carousel with ionic)

I’m trying to create a carousel of a large number of slides (100+) that doesn’t take forever to load. I tried using some ng-show and ng-if tricks to get it working, but because I have 1-5 images per slide, this trick isn’t working. (For failed method, see Lazy loading ion-slides to ion-slide-box)

Ultimately I gave up on the slide-box and tried to implement angular-carousel ( I got the carousel working great, with very fast loading times… and then tried using the rest of my app – total FAIL. All of my click handling is completely messed up by the angular-touch dependency for the carousel, I can’t select any of my inputs or work with text, totally unusable. So I’m going to roll back those changes, unfortunately.

It seems that Slide Box should do some caching automatically. 5 active slides in the DOM seems to be more than adequate, judging by the performance of angular-carousel. Any plans to integrate this kind of functionality into Ionic? Any suggestions in the meantime?