Carousels Like BxSlider

Hi everyone …
is there plugin or something i want to make carousels like on the picture

thank you

You can go with SlideBox in ionic.You need to do little customisation to achieve this as in the picture.

yeah i have try it , but the problem if we using two slidebox on one page one slidebox not carousel and the other carousel .

Use Single Slide box and add your image in ng-repeat.

<ion-slide-box on-slide-changed="slideHasChanged($index)">
  <ion-slide ng-repeat="carousel in carouselArray">
    <img class="img" ng-src="{{carousel.img}}"></img>

Try this Angular Carousel.

I wrote a working tutorial for you, this example is also included. This examples is not using ionic slide box, what the point. We will use another AngularJS plugin made compatible with Ionic Framework.

###Read it here.

###Ionic View ID: 9E15B2DB

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Link is down at the moment