No device token for ionic push on android

Hey guys! I followed all the tutorials on setting up push for android.

I’m getting this far:

  • click on button “identify”: User is identified and shown in the dashboard
  • click on button “register”: Chrome Inspect logs “Ionic Push: Registering user” and “$ionicPush: REGISTERED OK”

So it seems to work somehow, but the dashboard shows no device token, and no push notification is received by the device (moto g).

I also checked the gcm_id (google console project number), it’s correct and written correctly in all the ionic config files.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Mike

I am stuck here too. My webhook that’s supposed to get the device token isn’t firing and I’m not getting the ‘$cordovaPush:tokenReceived’ event that should be broadcasted after registering. I do however get the same “$ionicPush: REGISTERED OK” log in my console.

EDIT: So it seems my problem was using android emulator. I plugged my phone in and I got the token nice and clean.

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