Why I am not getting generated files in 'www' folder in ionic app?

I am using ionic 1 to run a already build app 1 year ago . Now after ionic serve its not creating data in ‘www’ folder . Just gave this
’Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/home/m/DimDrop_graphs/www/index.html’'
According to my knowledge it should create itself ‘www’ folder data ? as I have lost now ‘www’ folder.

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Due to the ionic versions … this has gone through some changes … seeing your case I would recommend that if you want to move to a more updated ionic version you would build it again.
I have an application in ionic 1 that I actually had to go to Ionic 2 because I was tired of so many problems … so that is your decision.
But if anything I’m sure is that creating the folder in ionic 2 or latest is not going to help you because the structure changes flatly because you now have something like this.

I have something like this . I made www folder my self. And my ionic version is 2.0.0 . As It is ionic 1 then Why I am not getting code in www folder ?

This is the structure of the old application that I have. If you look is really different from the services in my app 1 are js and version 2 of my app is in Typescrypt. Everything varies because the angle version changes … What I mean is that your css, html … js will serve but not with the same structure and you should definitely adapt to the new structure if you want to do an update.

In fact I recommend you change to the new structure … because from there onwards the same structure is maintained … instead it becomes increasingly difficult to find things for version 1.

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@c_suarez4 brother my question is not about structure. my question is I am not getting this www folder data . I got only a empty folder .