No available runtimes could be for [chosen simulator]

I’ve searched for a solution everywhere, but similar problems yield years old result that doesn’t solve the problem anymore.

I’ve been running into problems trying to start up iOS simulator since the upgrade to XCode 10.2.

I get this whenever running ionic cordova run ios --target=[emulator name]

No available runtimes could be found for [emulator name].

ionic cordova requirements gives me a curious result:

Requirements check results for ios:
Apple macOS: installed darwin
Xcode: installed [object Object]

ios-deploy: installed [object Object]
CocoaPods: installed [object Object]

Why the installed [Object Object]? Does this mean ionic/cordova is unable to read the installed version causing all this problem?

ios-sim showdevicetypes and ionic cordova ios --list --emulator gives me empty list

I’ve done clean and rebuild already:
npm run clean && npm install && ionic cordova build <paltform>

I’ve installed latest ios-sim into the platform/ios folder as per stackoverflow instructions to no avail. Downgraded XCode to 10.1 with no result either. Oh, and I can still see all the simulators in XCode itself

ANY idea what’s happening here? It started right around 5-6 days ago, exactly the day XCode 10.2 came out in App Store and presumably when my macbook automatically updated to it.