Ngrx Store for chatApp + Ionic 3

I’m begginer with either Ionic or Ngrx Store. I want to develope app that will have a chat module. So my question is:

  1. How can I manage architecture of this whole project? I know that we have Store folder for ngrx where we have all statements. Can I make that store just for chat module and the rest of app will be in another module with “normal” Angular architecture? Would it work properly?

  2. What do you think I need to use in this project? Something like ngrx/effect?

*Sorry for english mistakes
Thank you for any help!

My advice: if u r a beginner and want to develop a simple chat app, dont use ngrx

First build it using simple providers and if u want to proceed on a steep and multiline learning curve, go ngrx

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Thank you Tommyertom.
So it’s easy to refactore code with no-ngrx to ngrx? What about Facebook issue and state management?

I cant say from experience but looking at the amount of extra code u need to use ngrx, I bet you wont notice as a simple provider to cater for data actions in chat shouldnt be a big deal

I believe there are even examples out there

But it all depends on your objectives: a chat app released asap to build a userbase or learn coding

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