Ng2 redux-store for Ionic + Angular 2

Currently we are developing HYBRID app with Ionic 2 + Angular 2. we have gone (Github ) through ng2 redux-store approach which is available for web based Angular 2 Applications. Can we follow the same approach for Ionic 2 apps with same syntax to create store etc… Is there any example available with ng2 redux-store?

Should not be a problem. We are currently developing an hybrid app with ng2-redux-store and it seems to work fine.

Interesting, I just started a project with ngrx and didn’t know really about ng2-redux. Are there any big differences?
Would be intersting to hear someone who knows both.

I don’t know much about ngrx, but using ng2-redux we can make use of the whole redux ecosystem. For example, we are using redux-offline and that’s also why we chose to try out ng2-redux in the first place.

Here are two basic examples, one in ngRX and one in ngRedux

I think for basic tutorials that you will see online, they are pretty similar, but how async calls are handled they definitely diverge - you will definitely want to dig deeper into the docs to understand; and yes there is a huge redux ecosystem to lean on. But ngRx appears to have alot of support in the angular community since it was built from the ground up to support angular

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Looks cool, I guess you can do the same in ngrx with meta reducers and sending offline state down the reducer but it’s great to have all this out of the box with more configuration possibilities.