ngIf, ngShow, ngHide do not work in collection-repeat

Below is my code if i change ng-repeat to collection-repeat it working fine but the ngShow do not work. I tried change ngShow to ngIf and ngHide but all i got same result. These are not working in collection repeat.

   <div class="card" ng-repeat="d in vm.poldata">
    			<div class="item">
    				<h2>{{d.n}}. {{d.pno}} : {{}}</h2>
    				<h3>Prm: {{d.prm}}, FUP: {{d.fup}}</h3>
    				<p>Total Premium: {{d.tprm}}</p>
    				<p>Mode: {{}}</p>
    			<div class="item item-input-inset" ng-show="">
    				<label class="item-input-wrapper">
    					<input type="number" placeholder="Mobile Number">
    				<button ng-click="vm.getFromPh(d.pno)" class="button button-small">
    					Get No.

I got the same issue, any advices ?

In ionic beta versions the documentation reported that collection repeat was not compatible with ng-show and ng-hide for how worked collection repeat internally. Now the documentation doesn’t report this advice… so I don’t know if this is resolved, maybe I can check the change log…

Thank’s !
I’ll check for that !

Probably you can learn more reading this:

Any word on this? Replacing ng-repeat with collection-repeat causing some critical errors. Only when I removed all the ng-show, inside the template do the errors subside, but templates still aren’t rendering.