Changing ng-repeat to Collection-repeat not working


In order to avoid div creation as in the case of ng-repeat, I want to change the implementation using collection-repeat.But its not at showing the initial divs itself. Can someone help me here ?

The code using ng-repeat is added below:

	<div class="list" ng-repeat="subCatItem in getSubcats() track by $index">
		<h4>Title: {{subCatItem.title}}</h4>
		<ion-scroll  direction="x"  class="item wide-item">
	        <div ng-repeat="item in getSubcatData(subCatItem) track by $index"  
	           <p>{{$index}}<img ng-src='{{item.images[0]["thumb-url"]}}' /></p> 

Please help me to convert the same with collection-repeat.Its urgent.

<div collection-repeat="item in getSubcatData(subCatItem) track by $index"  
            class="item" collection-item-height="150" collection-item-width="'100%'" style="height:150px; height: 100%;">


I have the same issue.

I am trying to migrate from this:

         <a  class="item item-thumbnail-left"
         ng-repeat="item in items" >
            <img class="icon" >
            <p style="font-style:italic;" class="item-titulo">{{ | date: 'medium'}}</p>

to this:

  <a class="item item-thumbnail-left"
  collection-repeat="item in items" 
   <img class="icon" />
   <p style="font-style:italic;" class="item-titulo" >{{ | date: 'medium'}}</p>

But it doesnt work, it doesnt display the list.

A lot of thanks in advance.

Hope you can help me.


could you please build a littel codepen?


Reading the documentation i found out i cant use ng-show if i am using collection repeat. Then i have a doubt: I am displaying the list (represented by the collection repeat that i am trying to make it work) depending of a condition (so i need the ng-show wrapping the collection-repeat), then how can i do that if i cant use the ng-show ?

A lot of thanks in advance!


hello @Miguelme, did you find a solution to the above ?
thanks !


Sorry for being so late, i could find a solution since the new collection-repeat is less restrictive with the stable releases.



@Miguelme thanks for reply