*ngfor Not working properly

  <tr *ngFor="let coin of coins" >
     <b> <img class="img" alt="logo" height="25"   src={{coin.img}} ></b><p>{{coin.name}}</p>
    <td><img class="img chart" alt="logo" height="40" src={{coin.chart}} ></td>

this is my page.ts file:

coins : Array;

constructor(public navCtrl : NavController,
private coinsService : CoinsService,
private coinValueService:CoinValueService){
.then(response => this.coins = response);

the problem is that only the last item update the {{coin.price}} Although in my console.log(coins) it show that the price value change Properly.

i see a start just before your first table tag, if itś a tipo, then correct, also that you put a img tag between “b”, i really don’t understand why.

Change “src={{coin.img}}” to [src]=“coin.img”

let me know the result please

What happened to the change column?