[SOLVED] DOM is not updating when I change the array that is binded to an ngFor


I’m building an app using Ionic 2 alpha 53, Angular 2, Typescript…

What I have is similar to the example below:

<ion-item *ngFor="#item in items"> ... </ion-item>

export class MyPage { constructor() { this.items = []; // Create a blank array to avoid start-up errors MyProvider.getItems().then( items => { this.items = items; // Update items }); } }

After the page is loaded and it successfully retrieved the items from my provider, it does not update the DOM. I would have to manually click on something such as an Action Sheet or a Side Menu to refresh the DOM and display the updated items.

Not sure why I’m having this issue… I looked at the sample Ionic Conference App and it seems like they’re doing it exactly the same way.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: It seems like this issue only occurs when I try to replace the whole array. If I .push() or .splice() it updates fine. But again, Ionic Conference App is replacing the whole array and it works fine!

Assuming that you are using Http in angular2/http in your MyProvider class, use .subscribe instead of .then.

I guess this is a bug of Angular 2 because I have a similar problem for image. The image will not be shown after I pick it from the photolibary until I scroll my page or click a button.

That means anything inside a callback or a promise doesn’t work well for some reasons.

But this will work:

 setTimeout( () => {
     // update your data 

Don’t know the difference between timeout callback and the provider callback. In my case, I’m using cordova image picker or camera plugin.

What about the provider is not a $http call?

$http no longer exists in Angular 2 so I assume you mean Http.

Using the example here “MyProvider.getItems()”, it totally depends on what getItems function is returning. In Angular 2 using the Http service returns something called an Observable which is part of the new RxJs library.


Thanks for your input …

My provider isn’t using HTTP…

I’m using PouchDB to store my data.

The function looks somewhat like this:

getItems(id){ return this.myDB.get(id).then(function(res){ return res; }); }

Which is similar to how Ionic did it in their conference app as well…

    return this.load().then(data => {
      return data.speakers.sort((a, b) => {
        let aName = a.name.split(' ').pop();
        let bName = b.name.split(' ').pop();
        return aName.localeCompare(bName);

Provider: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-conference-app/blob/master/app/providers/conference-data.js
The page that's displaying the information: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-conference-app/blob/master/app/pages/speaker-list/speaker-list.js

I tried wrapping the whole function with a timeout, and also tried wrapping the .then() portion with a timeout … no results :frowning:

Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with PouchDB. However, I can tell you that the reason they can call this.load().then is because they are returning a Promise object from the load function. Try this:

    return new Promise(resolve => {
        this.myDB.get(id).then(items => resolve(items));


It works fine now.

It’s strange though, the .then() was firing off before and console logging stuff for me. And if I click anywhere it actually updates the DOM. However, after wrapping my provider function with a promise it updates the DOM once it gets the data for me.

Thanks again.

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