Ngcordova email not respondong


Hi, trying my hands on ngcordova plugin for email composer but just cant get me way around it, got a lot of tutorials online from devtactic but yet still dont know what am missing.added the plugin, injected into my angular,included ngcordova in my index.html
Any idea out there really appreciate it


First have you debugged your application?

Are you stuck on a certain point of mentioned tutorial?


Hi Gajotres, now going through it will get back soon


Hi, running the app in chrome browser when i click on the send email event i get this error in the developer tool “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘email’ of undefined”. Guess this is fine, since browser does not have native capabilities. Now trying to run on android phone


Still cant get this any of ngcordova plugins to run. A whole week what has really changed in ionic ngcordova development.Going crazy here :grin: