Cordova Email Plugin Problem


I’m trying use Cordova Email Composer Plugin from this link but it not works. When I am trying to run this plugin that nothing happens. I try run it on iOS9.

$scope.sendEmail = function() {;

Any ideas how run this plugin ?
I’m trying use ngCordova plugin but result is the same.


Did you get it working, same issue.nothing happens
this is my call{
to: [“”], // email addresses for TO field
subject: “Just some images”, // subject of the email
body: “Hello Framon” // email body (for HTML, set isHtml to true)
}, function () {
console.log(‘email view dismissed’);

when running on ios 9 this is the debug

2016-03-02 16:32:19.197 XXXXXXX[9150:4446931] email view dismissed