ngCordova bluetooth plugin update


When does the bluetooth plugin for Cordova get added to the ngCordova wrapper?

Plugin ID: com.megster.cordova.bluetoothserial 
Version: 0.2.0 
Platform(s): Android, iOS 
PhoneGap Version(s): 2.9.0 
License: Apache 2.0 
Tag / Branch: master 

When someone puts in a pull request for it :wink:

Ng-cordova is open source project so people can put in pull request for it


how to use this one am getting cordova class not found exception

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So this is a really old plugin, and it doesn’t seem like the own is going to be maintaining it.

Try this one out

If not, give the plugin repo a search


old one is works well bro problem is i need to install cordova for my app so i instlled it it works well both beacon and bluetooth thanks…


ngCordova site docs is not showing but if you look the github repo you can find:

Bluetooth Low Energy
Bluetooth Serial

You can figure how to use it by reading the dist/ng-cordova.js file. :grin:

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