Ng2 translate and selectedText on ion-select delayed translation until clicked

I have an edge case that I’m a bit puzzled about.

If I first select something from ion-select, translation works on everything at this point, from the ng-for's to the label.

However, upon a language change, the selectedText for the item I selected doesn’t get translated. Everything else is translated, including label. Only upon opening up the selection again, by clicking it, does the selectedText update in the background.

Does anyone know how to force update that selectedText when you change language?

Here’s the problem:

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I have the same problem, do you have any solution on this?

I find thinking in terms of “force” generally counterproductive. You have not shown code, so all I can say is that if you are binding the select to a property in the controller, you need to update that. I would use to do so.

Anyone having this issue should track this issue here
There may be a working workaround inside.