How to force redraw of ion-select?


I have an ion-select with a static, hardcoded list of items. However, the displayed text is translated with a pipe:

    <ion-label position="floating">{{'Position' | translate}}</ion-label>
    <ion-select interface="popover" [value]="appSettings.getUnits().position" (ionChange)="switchPositionUnits($event)">
        <ion-select-option value="DEGREE">{{'Degree' | translate}}</ion-select-option>
        <ion-select-option value="DEGREE_MINUTES">{{'Degree/Minutes' | translate}}</ion-select-option>
        <ion-select-option value="DEGREE_MINUTES_SECONDS">{{'Degree/Minutes/Seconds' | translate}}</ion-select-option>

Now, the user can switch the language of the app. The label is updated immediately, but the selected item is not. As soon as the user opens the selection list, the content is updated to the new language.

Is there any way to force the ion-select to be redrawn?