Can't get ng-show/ng-hide to work in ion-header inside ion-modal-view


I am using ng-show/ng-hide to switch between two different header titles. It works in the browser but does not work in android (4.1). I also tried using ng-switch, but the same net result. This is inside an ion-modal.

  <h1 class="title" >
    <span ng-hide="clipboardMsg">{{title()}}</span>
    <span ng-show="clipboardMsg" class="clipboard-msg">{{clipboardMsg}}</span>
  <button class="button button-clear button-primary" ng-click="close()">Close</button>

Will greatly appreciate help. Thanks.


try ng-if directive instead of ng-hode/ng-switch, otherwise try run your up with crosswalk for more compatibility


Thanks. I tried and that too does not work.

I was wondering if this has something to do with angular’s digest cycle. My modal scope is a child of root scope. When the user wants to copy an item to clipboard, I copy it and then try to give user a visual cue for 2000ms. (copy to clipboard works a-ok, no issues.) But the visual feedback works only in browser not on android. So what I did was add an {{clipboardMsg}} along the non-header items. That too works only in browser not in android.


Really, is this forum this quiet?!!


try to use bootstrap component for angularjs and then use resolve method for modal to pass data like title or what you want


Just upgraded to latest ionic framework 1.1.0, works now.