Issue with ng-show and a-element rendering


I am working on an app that uses ionic but I have a two bugs that I haven’t been able to sort out:

  1. One is with ng-show - I usually hide objects until they have been fully loaded or something else happens. This works perfect in the browser or when emulating but when I run it on an iPhone it takes a while for the html-element to hide it self. Like this:

            <div ng-show="verifyNewAccountMessage">
                <div class="socialLogin" style="margin-top: 60px;">
                    <ul class="socialLogin-buttons">
                            <a href="#/login" class="socialLogin--login">
                                <i class="ion-locked"></i>
  2. My second issue is that I have an a-element that is rendered twice on the phone but works perfectly when emulating. Like this:

    < a ng-href="#/app/users/{{}}" >{{}}< /a >

Any help would be super!

  1. Try ng-cloak:

  2. Not seen the second issue I’m afraid.

Thanks! Will try that.

  1. Don’t seem to work but I agree that ng-cloak should solve it…
  2. I solved this one. It seems that since the image is loaded afterwards, it creates a “shadow” of the text inside the a href. Never seen anything like it but when I set a fixed height so that they text didn’t wait for the image to be placed it solved it.