Ng-select not showing selected item label after writing in textbox

Hi, I’m using the ng-select component for Angular, but I have a problem using it on my device.

While I’m just selecting the items from the ng-select element everything is working fine, but when I type something in the search box and then select an item nothing is show anymore. The value is correctly selected in .ts page, but the user can’t understand that the element was already selected because the box remains empty.

I did some investigation and found that when I type something and then select an item, the class of ng-select element changes. A new element is added: ng-select-filtered , which hide the label of the element.

I tried to create a reproduction of the error, but it seems that this is only happening in my device. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

From #1451:

<ng-select #select (close)="select.blur()"></ng-select>

Thank you very much!