Ng-click not working with two consecutive buttons

I’m using two buttons with ng-click calling separate functions.


The first button works as expected, but when I click the second button, the first function is called. If you keep the second button clicked, you can see that both are down. Am I doing something wrong? I’m tested in both Chrome and Mozilla, both show this behaviour.

UPDATE: If you change to ng-mouseup it works. It appears ng-click is bound to the parent div. I’m actually using it inside a item-button so this might mess up (intentionally or not) with the events. Anyway, it would be nice to have ng-click working in this case but I’m glad ng-mouseup works (both in desktop and mobile).

I was having a lot of issues getting this to work. Mouseup wasn’t working on mobile for me.

I was however able to work around this by wrapping each button in a label.

I created a bug in github to track this: