Popup: ng-click fires twice

I have implemented some popups in my app with $ionicPopup. Inside my popup I have a div element with ng-click that calls a function in my controller.

When I click on this div element on my android device, the ng-click fires twice sometimes. For example when I touch the button twice very fast. I also have some normal buttons in my popups and I got the same behaviour.

This problem does not occur outside of the popups in my app.

Any ideas?

Put the working the minimal piece of code to codpen, so could have better chance of sorting this out.

@Florian_ Maybe you are using ng-init=“yourControllerFunction()” in the View or you have a Route $state configuration in your app.js witch also point to your controller? It will fire twice the click-event and I did this mistake a while ago.

Thanks for the idea, but I don´t think that this is the problem, because I do not use ng-init and I got the same problem on Codepen.

Here is a simple CodePen for the problem:

Try to click fast on the back button and you will see that the counter is incremented twice.

Check if you are running a loop or you have more than one button with same ng-model value

Thanks for your reply, but as you can see in the CodePen, there is no loop or butttons with the same ng-model value.

I’ve tested it on Android 5.1.1 nad its ok. Have you tried on-tap?

Thanks for the advise. I have tried on-tap, but I got multiple click events with this too.

Any other ideas on this?