Ng-click don't work adding dynamically content



I load a dynamic html code into a page on success function tokn by php page.
Inside there ng-click that call other function… but don’t work …ng-click don’t fire anything!



I’ve ran into issues where ng-click won’t work when it is inside of a label. Can you paste the html that you’re loading or a codepen?


Can you provide a codepen?


I solve the problem passing the results in JSON variable. But I would know if I pass html code, for example:

<div ng-controller="ctrlHTML> 
<li ng-click="execute(value)">Some text</li>
<li ng-click="execute(value1)">Some text</li> 
<li ng-click="execute(value2)">Some text</li> 
<li ng-click="execute(value3)">Some text</li> 

why the ng-click dont fire???