Ionic ng-click not working properly with div

Hi everyone, I am currently having a problem with using ng-click not firing.

This is the code of html:

<ion-view title = "Venue" ng-app = "starter">
	<ion-content overflow-scroll="true" ng-controller = "venueCtrl">
		<div class = "card" collection-repeat = "venue in venues">
			<div class = "item item-divider" ng-click = "headerClick()">{{ }}</div>
			<div class = "item item-divider venue-button">
				<button ng-click = "doAlert()" class = "button button-positive">Add to Favourite</button>

This is my controller:

myApp.controller ("venueCtrl", ["$scope", function($scope) {
  venues = [];
  $scope.venues = venues; //I have hard code some data in here. Nothing special
  $scope.headerClicked = function (index) {
  $scope.doAlert = function() {

For some reason, only the doAlert function firing when I click the button. The div, however, not doing any logging when being clicked. I have went through some of the same problems on StackOverflow but most of them are some silly things. Not sure whether mine are one.