Ng-click and ion-delete-button work


Hello everybody :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a little issue with ionic 1.0
I’d would like use a delete-button in my ion-list but i have already a “ng-click” on my ion-item, and the both are in conflic, when i click on delete-button, ng-click work !

how to resolve this issue ? :slight_smile:

thank a lot


Please try this with the nightlies. There was a bug in the beta that caused this. It’s been fixed.


thank but how i can download nightlies with git ? ( bower)
I don’t found a link


I’m not sure about how to get it through bower, but all the nightlies are downloadable through


Thank a lot :slight_smile:

I have find a solution,
add “$event.stopPropagation()” in ng-click :wink:


Its not working in my case its just take to the home screen. Can u plz tell more how u did that.