Newbie question - Should I learn Ionic 2, Angular 2, Firebase 3 just for this feature?


Completely newbie here and just learnt coding for 2 months.

I am trying to write my first app and am stuck in coding the “Facebook login” feature.

I was using Ionic 1, Angular 1 and Firebase 2.

However, when I test the login button, it re-directs me to the Firebase page, saying that I must use Firebase 3 to enable user authentication.

After some research, I’ve found that there’s no tutorial about integrating Ionic 1 and Firebase 3.

I only found this post, which is using Ionic 2.


Should I learn Ionic 2, which seems nice, Angular 2 in order to integrate my app with Firebase 3?



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Sample Ionic Framework v1 application using using the new features of Firebase

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Wow! Thanks. I’ll take a look into it!!