Facebook + Email + AngularFire2 + Firebase 3 + Ionic 2 Final Login

Some one please tell me you have a resource for me on integrating this.

Essentially, I just want to be able to have email + facebook login/sign up in my Ionic 2 final app.

I am also looking for the best industry practice on doing this with a AuthProvider. Also, whats the real benefit from AF2 besides having yet another dependency in my app that i have to manage?

All the docs i am finding aren’t up to date and its hard finding resources on pro Ionic 2 development.



I can’t speak with certainty on AngularFire2 with Ionic 2 as I’m must starting to look into this combination on Ionic.
But coming from Angular, AngularFire2 is a great set of APIs that simplify working with most used aspects of Firebase within Angular.
But AngularFire2 is NOT intended to fully replace native Firebase APIs.
It simply exposes key features using RxJs Observables, which makes working with Firebase a lot easier for most cases withing the Angular environment.
However, for things like a Firebase TIMESTAMP, you would still have to rely on native Firebase, which is fully included withing AngularFire2 package.

@rajeejones check out these videos by Chris Esplin he goes through all of the Firebase auth procedures.

As for using FireBase/Angularfire2 you really have to use both in concert and choose which is best for the situation. In general I use Firebase for login and writes, and Angularfire2 for reads. Angularfire2’s FirebaseListObservable and FirebaseObjectObservable are great for getting the data into your view.

Caveat: Angularfire2 is still in beta but an @latest version is available
read more here https://github.com/angular/angularfire2/issues/854