New ion-datetime how to detect local and how to change date format?

<ion-datetime [value]="eventResult.event.occurredDate" #input formControlName="occurredDate" size="cover" showDefaultButtons="true"
                                              (click)="setPrePickerValue('occurredDate')" locale="en-AU" presentation="date-time" (ionChange)="dateChanged('occurredDate', input.value)" [max]="getMaxYear()">

How do I make the picker say 9:36am instead of 1:36am here? Also how do i format the displayed string so that it’s 02-Feb-2024 9:36 ?

Figured out the locale part but how do I make the picker detect my local timezone? It’s currently showing iso UTC format (1:36am).

See the documentation on Time Zones here - ion-datetime: Ionic API Input for Datetime Format Picker. Ionic does not auto adjust for time zone.