How to make ion-datetime time the same as what is displayed on the UI

I have just updated to ionic v7. Not an easy task mind you and now I’m stuck with another problem.

We operate in gmt +8 timezone. Our times are displayed in the ui in this timezone, however when we open the datetime component, the time is in UTC! (I think) Is there any way around this?

You need to adjust the time to the correct timezone yourself - ion-datetime: Ionic API Input for Datetime Format Picker

Does this mean it will change the time inside the date-time picket to be correct to the users timezone?

It basically ignores the time zone and treats it as GMT/UTC/Z.

So if you pass in 2024-02-26T08:00+05:00 or 2024-02-26T08:00Z it is going to show 8:00am either way.

I think there is something very wrong with how this is developed. The fact that I have to manually overwride my datetimes to UTC each time is silly and also does not work with formControls that automatically update each time the value in the ion-datetime changes.

I’m really struggling to match up the correct time inside the datepicker with what is seen by the user in the date field on the ui