New google maps js api renderer and data-tap-disabled

With the new Google maps renderer that is going to be the default on may 15th, there are a couple of things that break with the current v3 maps js api. First, even with the data-tap-disabled frag set to true on the map container, when we drag the map, the left menu opens. Second, the infowindow does not place itself properly on screen: it’s displayed behind the map controls. Those are the two problems I could find so far.

If you want to try it right now, you can adjust the loading of google maps js api with the v=3.32 (current experimental version, that will become the release version on may 15th).
This code pen from Mike Hartington shows the left-menu problem:

I searched quite a bit on the subject and didn’t find anything to correct this. Anyone knows more about this ?

Anyone has a pointer on this ?

Just found the solution, it’s in this post :

Basically just add

<ion-side-menu-content drag-content=“false”>

to your <ion-side-menu-content>

Hope it helps some !

The above given answer is correct and you can just follow some tutorials to learn it easily.

Yes! Some more great tutorials at