Disable sliding when dragging a map

Hi there,

i have a simple slidebox and inside a slide i put a googlemap (ngmap actually)
The problem is when i drag the map i drag the slide in the same time.
I found a codepen wich exactly doing what i’m looking for but it’s applied to a “classic” googlemap, not ng-map, and it’s a lot more complex :smile:

what is exactly the function to add for me ?

any help ?
thank you

bump maybe ? can’t find anythings about that

Sounds like a case of needing data-tap-disabled

          <div data-tap-disabled="true">
            <app-map style="height:400px;margin:12px;box-shadow:0 3px 25px black;"

Mmm i tried but it dont seam to work

i have a map inside a slide, i put the <div data-tap-disabled="true"> before the map, but dragging inside the map always make the slide sliding

ok its work now, sorry, thank you, and happy Xmass =)

in fact no, it doesnt work :frowning:

Same to me too. It doesn’t work at all.

Fixed for me

#7179 of ionic.bundle.js


if (event.touches.length > 1 ||
        event.scale && event.scale !== 1 ||
        slider.slideIsDisabled) {


if (event.touches.length > 1 ||
        event.scale && event.scale !== 1 ||
        slider.slideIsDisabled ||
        event.target.getAttribute('data-tap-disabled') == 'true') {