New APK version is not detected by Google Play

Hi all,

my context:
1/ I’ve installed manually a release APK of my app v1.0.1 on my mobile via USB, built with Ionic Pro services
2/ then I deploy a new APK release v1.1.1 on Google Play also built with Ionic Pro services
=> I expect that Google Play propose me to update it

Changes made between 2 versions : the version value in my config.xml:

(version was changed in package.json too)

pb: when I check on Google Play my app, it detects that the app is installed but does not propose me to update it (my current installed v1.0.1 to v1.1.1) => only an Open button
I’ve tested the same process with 2 versions of a native Android app (not based on Ionic) and it works fine…

Note: my 2 APKs work fine when I install them on my mobile manually or through Google Play, so it’s just a pb of version identification.

Should I add something special in my config.xml or anywhere else ? Or is it a known pb of external GPlay installation vs update within Google Play ?

thanks for your help,