Networkproblems (with a Wordpress REST API) on final iOS builds

My app is loading data from a REST API and this works perfect while development and via the the ionic dev server. Also the live reload on the device works properly.
But when I build the final app on iOS (npx cap open ios) the loading of external data (via async or axios) doesn`t work.
Android builds working fine, too.

Is there something I have to configure in XCode to receive external data from the internet?

Problem solved!
Really tricky, but it had to do with CORS of the REST API, a Wordpress installation luckily under my control.

If you have the same problem, feel free to ask me, you have to prepare your system with PHP-Code and send some new HTTP headers.

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hello @Tobeworks0 ,
Iā€™m facing the same issue right now.
Same config: a WP website under my control.
Can you share the PHP code with me, please ?

Thanks a lot