App reject

Hi! I’m creating app and use Wordpress as backend. I’m using ionic capacitor and publish in App Store got rejected because my app just loading without loading post or perform nothing. But when I tested on simulator running external local host working well. I don’t know how to fix it? Can anyone know how to fix my problem? Or I wonder capacitor is not yet support native project?

Capacitor is not the issue. What was the exact rejection? If you are simply hosting a Wordpress blog in an app, Apple will reject it. The app must have ‘app-features’.

Hi! Chris! Apple said my app just loading when they open . It’s like when I test my app with developer mode without using external url . So do I need to change sth ?

could you please describe how did you build the app prior to sending it to apple? isnt it pointing towards your local dev server?

Yes, it is. I’m testing with browser working fine and simulator as well but I need run with ionic cap run - -l - - external to be able to work in simulator yes of course dev server .but before I summit my app I run production mode and follow the app publish instructions everything is working fine but when Apple review and test my app that said your app just loading without perform nothing . So I have no idea how to fix. Any help will be so appreciated…