Hi, I was trying to create and app using a node module (node-firebird) but I’m getting the following message:
net.createConnection is not a function

Is There any way to use that module? I read that “net” is an node’s api… I know that I should use a node server to get data but my “client” don’t “WANT” a server…

Thanks in advance

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I have the same problem
Did you solve it?

Short answer: No, at that time I had to create a REST server using lazarus…

As node-firebird is a node module, most of the code can’t be bundled to the app by numerous reasons.
First, this kind of architecture is obsolete. Most apps nowadays use REST, SOAP and GraphQL which makes the backend and frontend independent. Secondly, if you had to build such library, you’d have to handle IO/Network errors instead of just catching the exception thrown by the HttpClient.

In short, you’ll save money and time just implementing a REST API for your application.