Nested view will not load after location.reload();

Alright, this is a pretty odd bug, or I am just missing something. I have an app that is using nested views. I am simply executing $window.location.reload() and expecting the app to refresh. Everything works fine in all browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox), but the template is not loading on either an IOS device, or a Windows device. The state appears to be generated, but as if the template was not attached. I am getting zero errors. My configuration is below. Any ideas?


	// master view
	.state('app', {
		url         : '/app',
		abstract    : true,
		templateUrl : 'views/app/index.html'

	// home
	.state('app.home', {
		cache: false,
		url   : '/home',
		views : {
			'content' : {
				templateUrl : 'views/app/home/home.html'




	<ion-nav-view name="content"></ion-nav-view>


     <ion-view id="home" ng-controller="homeController">

refreshing the browser

	}, 100);