Need work around to show logout link in side menu on login

Hello Everyone ,

I am working on progressive web app where I have user registration and login . But I am solution how can I enable the logout button in the side menu when user logs in or register .

I have read about the events but did not get much idea how to achieve that . For reference I am attaching my screen shot .


Trying to understand your objective here : You want a logout button to appear when a user logs in, right?

Why not just add a logout button to the menu beforehand, and disable the menu in all pages where it’s irrelevant to see this menu?

Thanks for your response …
I cannot hide the menu because there are other menu items which i have to display which user can access without login also…

Okay I think I understand your goal now.

Add an ngIf directive to your logout button in the menu :


    <button ion-button *ngIf="showButton">Log Out</button>


  import {Events} from 'ionic/angular';
  export class MyApp {
     showButton : any=false;  //will not show the log out button by default
     constructor(public events : Events){
        // Listening for the event when the user has logged in'loggedin', ()=>{
              this.showButton = true      // will show the log out button now

Now, in the .ts file of the page where you want the menu to show the button (the page where a user has logged in), publish the event


      import {Events} from 'ionic-angular';
      export class MyPage {
         constructor(public events : Events){



This should work.

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Thanks Sidharth , it really helped me … It saved my day…

Did it work for you? If it did, you can mark that post as the solution for others to refer to

Yes…:grinning:… could you help me with this post

Thanks, is the way more easy to showing menu