How to hide some texts from slide menu ionic



I designed a slide menu that used *ngFor to display some buttons like “Home, register, login, about”. My question is how can I hide register and login buttons from slide menu if I loged-in by firebase as example ?


Hi @_Ali94

When you register the user detail store in Localstore using ngIf="" you can hide the button of ragister and Log-in and also you can display Log-out button



I checked diffrent ways to solve my problem but when the value of login change to true then nothing change in the menu

Here my code

<button menuClose ion-item *ngIf="this.userService.isLogin">
        &nbsp;<img height="20 px" width="20 px" src="icons/XXX.png"> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Logout

note: when i checked this.{{userService.isLogin}} as a text and logedin then the value changed, but i don’t know why nothing happens to the slide menu!!


You need to put check for login in component class of side menu for login.