Need help with ion-nav-view

Hi there,

I’m trying my first steps with ionic and at the moment I’m getting crazy. I can’t find the error why this little code is not working for me:

Could you please take a look and give me a hint, why there are no tabs shown?

Thanks in advance!


Change url:'/welcome/home' to url:'/home' and the same for settings in the state definitions.

Hi Mirko,

thanks for your fast help. Fixed it already, but I have another question. I updated the codpen, maybe you could have a look at it.

When pressing the button I like to would open another page with a different tab bar, that’s working so far, but there’s no Back button in the header bar appearing… could I create a button in the header bar manually or is there an issue why it’s not coming automatically by pressing the button?

Thanks in advance!