Need help / input on issues defined by developer building my app

Hi Guys,

I am not a developer but am trying to get a simple app for personal use built for file and folder management of local storage on my devices. Below is what the development team is saying, anyone had same problem and or solution to the problem will be greatly appreciated

----------Problem ----------------------
As discussed, mentioned below are the points in brief for which we require to create the custom Cordova Plugin.

  1. Custom Plugin for File Picker to upload the files to service providers.

In Ionic, if we need to call the native code we have to use the Cordova plugins. In current available Cordova plugins, we are only able to open the default file pickers and get the files to be get uploaded from the specific folders on different devices.
To overcome this functionality we have to create custom plugins for Android and iOS.

Android: A plugin which will fetch all files and list those in a custom layout or enable devices for picking all the files from any of the default folders in the native pickers.

iOS: A plugin which will give support for both iOS 11 and above and below versions and can open native file picker options.

  1. Local File Search and Content Search

Since there is no available Cordova plugin available which support the local file content search. For this, we have to create a custom Cordova plugin which will fetch the result from Local Storages and show them in the view. There would be different plugins for Android and iOS both.

---- End of Problems------------