Need Help: Add text in same row


Could someone help me to add same text highligted in yellow (Mobile) in my screenshot just above country code “33” the text must be in same line (row) than “Mobile” text.
In fact I would like to duplicate same text “Mobile” in the green area, I will later change teh text by “Country”, I know how to proceed for this.
The texte “Mobile” is generated by this part:{{‘register.mobileno’ | translate}}

I don’t know how to proceed, you help will be welcome!!!

Here is the extract of the html page (written by my old developper):

             <!-- <ion-label stacked>{{'' | translate}}</ion-label> -->


          <ion-row style="padding-left:12px; padding-right: 16px; ">

          <ion-col col-2>

            <ion-item class="country">

              <!-- <ion-input type="Number"  value="" formControlName="countrycode" >+33</ion-input> -->

              <ion-select cancelText="{{'offer.cancel' | translate}}"

                style=" padding: 0px !important; position: relative; top: 8px;"

                [selectedText]="user.get('countrycode').value" formControlName="countrycode"


                <ion-option value="33">France(+33)</ion-option>

                <ion-option value="32">Belgium(+32)</ion-option>

                <ion-option value="41">Switzerland(+41)</ion-option>


              <ion-icon name="ios-arrow-down" item-end class="arrow"></ion-icon>



          <ion-col col-10>

            <ion-row style="width: 140%;">

              <ion-col col-8>

                <ion-item style="padding: 0px !important; left: 26px;">

                  <ion-label stacked>{{'register.mobileno' | translate}}</ion-label>

                  <ion-input (input)="unverify()" type="Number" id="maininput" value="" formControlName="mobileno">


                  <ion-input type="text" disabled value="0" id="displayinput"></ion-input>