Country code picker

hello here !! I am new to ionic programming, I program my application on Ionic 3 and I am facing a problem that I can not solve, basically I want to allow users to enter their phone number in my application while displaying an input with the country code.
I made a screenshot of what I want to do.

i am also looking for the same in ionic 3 if you get answer let me know. thanks

@ Lala22
@ rana381

Try this.

you must add all the remaining countries to the arrangement list.

paisCode = [

      pais: "Honduras",
      code: +504
      pais: "USA",
      code: +1
      pais: "India",
      code: +91


   <ion-col size=4>
      <ion-select placeholder="+">
        <ion-select-option *ngFor="let i of paisCode" [value]="i.code">{{i.pais}}
    <ion-col size=8>
      <ion-input placeholder="RTN"></ion-input>

If you need something more similar to the image you put you can contact me and I help you with it.