Need assistance on Ionic calendar How to start?

Hi, upon looking at the ionic native calendar. I literally do not understand. Is there better way on how to use ionic calendar. Please advice. Thankyou in advance. I am in ionic 3.


maybe helps

Best regards, anna-liebt

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Hi, guys I have been following this website

however, why does my date, day, year does not appear?


seems to be a nice tutorial.

My Guess is, you made a fault.

By the way, is there a failure message, have you tried to shrink the possiblities with console.log etc. or any other helpfull whatever that brings you to a specific part of code, that not work as expected, you can show? Otherwise I think nobody can help you.

Best regards, anna-liebt

nope there isn’t any failure message. I tried to copy the codes and replaced and everything is the same. Or is it that the code doesn’t have the capability? Because I am really new to programming don’t really know the code is meaning especially date. I wanted to make a calendar application to ease my parents days of operation. So really need to make it badly.

copied from where? Have you made a clone from github?

so only " why does my date, day, year does not appear" is really hard for somebody else to help.

Is the part up to

That’s it, your own simple calendar is ready for some action that will create later. Now, test your own calendar UI by run the Ionic 3 Angular 5 app on the browser.

ionic serve -l
Here it is.


Best regards, anna-liebt