Calendar UI in Ionic app


Hey guys :smile:

So I did the requisite searching before posting this, I couldn’t find anything related to the UI, only things relating to plugins for the native calendar.

If you guys were to go about designing a beautiful calendar UI for an Ionic app, what would you use? Is there an Angular plugin or a pure HTML and CSS plugin you’d recommend?

For someone who isn’t very good on the design side, I’d prefer to not have to build it from scratch.

I found this one I think is beautiful but it requires bootstrap:

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile:


Hmmm… Tough one. Just like you said with Full Calendar (Which I’ve used a bit in side projects) it is a bootstrap component and you probably wouldn’t have much success getting it to work nicely with Ionic. I did some searching and it seems that developing your own calendar might be your best option. What I would recommend is look at other calendar apps, or even desktop calendars. Find elements you like and figure out how to recreate them in CSS. The logic side might be a bit more complicated but remember that calendars are linear, so there isn’t a lot that can go wrong one you get a good algorithm to generate the days for you. There are quite a few resources on that. Also there is a javascript library called Moment.js and that is amazing for date/time functions and would help you out.

I’m curious to see if you can come up with anything! Good luck!