Navigation Template - Header Buttons & Tabs


I am looking for a template which has Header with Buttons on both left and right side with Side Menu and immediately below that tabs navigation.

Can anyone point to an example or reference.

Thanks in advance.
image Madan KN

Your image shows header buttons above the tabs, not below.

If you want that you can do it with the Ionic tabs. Just make sure you specify that the tabs are at the top for iOS.

Here. This is an app I’m working on. The date is actually a button (you press it to open the date picker).

Thanks for the help, Is there any codepen/example i can take a quick look ?

Madan KN

Just use the Ionic tabs starter project and make sure you read about tabs in the JavaScript section of the docs. It’ll tell you how to position the tabs as on iOS they are naturally set at the bottom, but on Android they are on the top.

Yes got it working, as it is my 1st day with ionic…May be sounding novice.

Is it possible to build header with (Buttons+SlideMenu) and Tabs navigation under it using ionic directives ?

Madan KN