Navigation issues with side menu

I’m new to Ionic and i was referring to this example given by @mhartington

Here’s the observation:

  1. Go to the side menu and click on playlists. Then click on one of the
    playlists, it navigates to the playlist view with the back button in
    the nav bar.
  2. Next click on back, and click on the side menu again.
    Click playlists again and on the playlists menu click on one of the
    playlists. We go to the playlist menu. However, the back
    button gets replaced with the hamburger.

Basically it looks like the presence/absense of the back button toggles alternatively. If it works the first time, it fails the next and then works again and then fails et al…

Now to prevent this, i used the followig ionic bundle:
This obvisiosly is a lower version (the present one seems to be 1.0.1). This seems to work fine with the back button being visible in the playlist view.

Is the nightly build as well as 1.0.1 broken? Is this an expected behavior? When i use the 1.0.0 build, the back button is present as required and doesn’t keep toggling.

I advise you to report this error in an official GitHub repository:


See for example: and



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Hey Rob. Thanks for the link. Seems like you’ve already reported the issue 4 days back. Took me quite a time to know what the issue was to be honest :smile: