Navigation from side menu to page

I am navigating from side menu to page. I am using ‘this.nav.push(component)’. Then it navigate to page shows me a BACK ICON on page when is press BACK ICON it navigate to my home page. I want SIDE MENU ICON in place of BACK ICON, when is press SIDE MENU ICON side menu will kicks and on pressing back button of my mobile it will navigate to my home page. Is this thing possible?

it is i think, but it result in a terrible ux. keep in mind there are devices without hardware-backbutton… so there are devices without running android ;).

If you show sidemenu icon on every page you should keep your navigation stack/history in mind to avoid navigation cycles. So everytime you click on an item in the sidemenu you should set it as the new history stack root.

Here is an option to hide backbutton programmatically:

And the navbar itself has a property to hide the backbutton

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Thanks for the solution. I used hideBackButton to hide back button. What if i want history as well and side menu toggle button in that case i have to create custom side menu toggle button?

you can achieve this with this:

<ion-menu persistent="true">

Thanks for the help. It works.