Navigation between InAppBrowser to Ionic Page

I have an InAppBrowser in my Ionic App and I have inserted an anchor Tag with executeScript.When I click on that I want to push a new Ionic Page called as Settings Page.How to do this.Please help

<a href="appname://login"></a>
But am getting an error called

The webpage could not be loaded because net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME
I have added Ionic Deep Links too.

this.deeplinks.routeWithNavController(this.navChild, {
   '/login': LoginPage,

 }).subscribe((match) => {
   console.log('Successfully routed', match);
 }, (nomatch) => {
   console.log('Unmatched Route', nomatch);

I have used pagepersonnel as my custom url scheme and my deeplink_host as
I have tried opening

<a href="pagepersonnel://"></a>

Please help it’s urgent.I have tried so many times and don’t know how to fix this pls