How to navigate from Tab1Page to Tab2Page Subpage?


I’m currently having an issue moving from position A (navStack 1) to position B (navStack 2) with a simple approach.

The root of my app is TabPage, which has 4 Tabs aka. 4 TabPage.

Tab1Page is a searchpage. When search is executed and we get the results back, we should navigate to Tab2, but on Tab2SubPage. How can I achieve this?

Sadly doesn’t work like that. My current approach goes like that:

  1. search
  2. switch tabs using
  3. set timeout for 500 ms
  4. send an event “nav:goToSubPage”
  5. Tab2Page catches the event and does .pop(Tab2SubPage)

This is kind of very complex way to do a simple task and I’m probably missing something.

Any help would be much appreciated.