Navigate to parallel page

I’m trying to navigate to a parallel page.

this.router.navigate(['../parallel-page'], { relativeTo: this.route });

Somehow this doesn’t work. Anyone any idea why this isn’t working? It seems to ignore the …

I’m using Angular 9 and Ionic 5 if that helps.

What does your routing.ts looks like? From which full Path to which full Path do you try to redirect?

I have built a small example to reproduce the behaviour wich can be found here.

The problem occurs when I try to navigate from page4 to page5 using the following:

`    this.router.navigate(["../", "page5"], {
      relativeTo: this.route

The route of page5 is located parallel to parallel to page5. The problem is that the router ignores the “…/” and tries to navigate to …page3/page4/page5 instead of …page3/page5.

I just added some more test routes. When I navigate from page1 to home the “…/” works, but as soon as I am one level deeper down the route-tree it doesn’t work anymore.